Automatic Mains Failure Solution - Instrrumentation Project

Now a days we often see power cut every now and then, mains supply fails at any time of the day without prior information, this causes lot of trouble specially during summer. Life gets almost paralized without an electric power.Power inverters and ups solves this problem up to certain extend for low power consumers, specially household domestic loads and small shops can make use of this type of solution.

instrumentation projectsBut industrial sector gets effected more with power cut. Industries have now started installing diesel generator sets in their units. Even larger societies in the Metro cities have started installing diesel generator sets. Manual starting of the generator takes some time and causes panic to the people struck inside the lift compartment when the supply fails suddenly. Other people equally get effected other places.

It provides reliable and accurate start/stop operation of the D.G.SET with AUTO LOAD CHANGE OVER FROM D.G.AND MAINS and FAULT ANNUNCIATION for the safety of the D.G. SET

This project is a proper solution to the above problem as name stands AUTO MAIN FAILURE SOLUTION (AMFS). What it dose ?

It senses the main supply failure and give starting pulse to diesel generator through start solenoid.

If the generator dose not get started with the first attempt ,it will make two more attempts to start the D.G.set. When it fails to start with three attempts, it will sound an alarm with indication “ STRAT FAIL”.

Even if the engine starts normally but alternator dose not produce the required voltage, in that case “ALTERNATOR FAIL” signal will come.

After the gen set has started normally and it has come to normal voltage ,it will switch on its breaker automatically (auto-on-load).

During normally running condition, if any fault occurs on the engine side, it will stop automatically with the respective fault and buzzer indication.

when the main supply get re-stored, it will change over to mains and switch off the D.G. set automatically.

It can be operated on both auto or manual mode.

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Programmable Logic Controller - PLC

Hello friends, in this post I am going to start sharing a information related to a new topic Programmable Logic Controller which plays a very important role in automation of every industry.

Evolution of PLC ?

Manufacturing process require a sequence of operations in order to make a product.
And in this case sequencing can be done by manually or some type of controller.
In late 1960’s sequencing operations are performed by using a bank of relays wired to perform a particular job.
But there were drawbacks, logic systems where difficult to reprogram for production changes and also troubleshooting is very difficult.

To avoid the above drawbacks PLC’s are used.

PLC’s use the sum relay logic function and sequence is not hard wired but can be programmed and stored in a memory.
The contents of the memory are easily changed.
PLC’s are used first by automobile industries.


Instrumentation Ebooks in PDF File

You can download all my ebook collections related to instrumentation and control engineering with the below available links.

Instrumentation ebooks

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Orifice Meter Ebooks

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Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation (5.29 MB pdf)
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Pressure and Temperature Handbook (76 KB pdf)
Pressure Measurement Handbook (817.39 KB pdf)
Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Documentation Criteria (641.93 KB pdf)
Production and Measurement of High Vacuum (29.74 MB pdf)
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PLC ebooks

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PLC Glossary (92 KB pdf)
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SCADA Primer (245 KB pdf)
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The Modern Revolution in Physics (5.29 MB pdf)


Seminar Contents for Virtual Instrumentation Topic

This Post is on behalf of the request made by sagar ranjan sahu, hemender, Mohamad Thajmal, since they have requested seminar details on the topic Virtual Instrumentation.

I have video to share with you, to know more about virutual instrumentation presented by National Instruments.

You can even download this video using youtube downloader, so that you present it in the seminar.

Complete details on Virtual Instrumentation is uploaded as a PDF file provided by

Download it here Virtual Instrumentation


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